Property Investment London

Would you like to hear about a property investment strategy that is so effective that it works in a rising, falling or static property market? A strategy that is so simple it can be used in any town, by any investor to acquire a substantial buy-to-let portfolio? Versed Automation

(This one is also for you if you want to invest in property confidently and build a portfolio but don’t want to do any of the hard work yourself)

Hello there!

I recently came across two property developers who have built a portfolio of over 170 buy-to-let properties in just two years. Now, one of the main four wealth creation strategies I use with my clients is property investment (including buy-to-let) so I was obviously very interested in what they were doing! I was totally amazed when they took me to lunch and told me – in great detail – how they did it. And that is what I’m going to share with you today – together with details of a great opportunity for those who don’t want to DIY.

There are a lot of people interested in getting into the buy-to-let market and, let’s face it, there are an equally high number of companies offering specialist training in property investment generally, and buy-to-let in particular. Many of them are excellent – in particular the Russ Whitney trainings, which I always recommend. There are also many books, videos, and distance learning packages…..all teaching many different methods of getting into the property market.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I find all of that a bit overwhelming. Analysis paralysis takes hold and it becomes very difficult to take action.

Perhaps you don’t have time to put in the research or view the numbers of properties you feel you should. You may work full time, or run your own business. Or perhaps you don’t have enough money to get started as the deposit, stamp duty and other costs can be quite high. Maybe you are daunted by the thought of dealing with estate agents, vendors, solicitors and builders?

Many of the people who join my one year wealth coaching programme The Money Gym join just for the property investment element. They want to know how to become a successful property investor. Here is just one of the testimonials from a happy Gym member:

  “I think you will be proud of me as I am in the middle of organising my (new) property portfolio. In just six months I will own 7 houses including my surgery. In total with my own house I will have property valued at approx £1.16M. I can’t get my head round that yet and my wife pulled the covers over her head in bed when I told her! All these houses are already tenanted and could stand a small rise (in rent) immediately. The totals are well above the mortgage payments and there is great scope for capital growth.”MR, Manchester